Ultra High Frequency Testing at the limit (of MEMS Sensors)

With the exciters DRE-01 and SE-16, SPEKTRA enters new performance ranges when testing next-generation digital sensors. With angular acceleration up to 2.2 million °/s² and maximum vibration frequencies up to 200 kHz, the exciters are ideally suited to perform tests that enhance the durability of sensors.

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(Official) calibration of sound level meters

For certain types of Class 1 sound level meters, SPEKTRA now offers all customers a convenient complete package that includes both the DAkkS calibration as well as the official calibration mark of a German "Eichamt".

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Increasing our calibration services

Calibrating inclinometers and angular rate at SPEKTRA

The in-house calibration laboratory of SPEKTRA has added the calibration of inclination angle sensors and dynamic angular rate to its portfolio.

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S-TEST System Level Test

Characterization and production tests of sensors become more effective

By concentrating on the clearly defined requirements of a system level test (SLT) of digital sensors, the S-TEST system offers significant functional and cost advantages over conventional VLSI test systems.

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The world goes mobile - so does our CS18!

We proudly present our prototype for mobile calibration of accelerometers at the Sensor + Test in Nuremberg at the end of May.

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Traceable calibration in a wide temperature range

Numerous vibration tests are carried out in a temperature range far above or below room temperature, where the sensors are usually calibrated.

SPEKTRA has developed a calibration method which, in addition to the temperature range from -55°C to 120°C, can also cover the wide frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 kHz.

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SPEKTRA S-TEST - The smart test solution for your sensors

The smart SPEKTRA S-TEST solutions allow highly efficient characterization of your devices - from development phase up to industrial large-scale production.

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International Experts meet at SPEKTRA

In September, an international workshop at SPEKTRA provided all participants an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other top specialists from industry and science to enhance their international co-operation.

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Professional seminars at SPEKTRA

In September SPEKTRA GmbH Dresden organizes again our annual seminars for newcomers and experienced staff of calibration laboratories in the fields of vibration and acoustics.

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Building ways out of poverty

For several years SPEKTRA has been involved in the project "genialsozial" that enable young people in poorer regions of the world to get new perspectives and enhance their educational opportunities.

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Calibration in Audiometry

SPEKTRA is able to calibrate audiometric devices such as artificial mastoid or ears and ensures traceability to a national standard.

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Calibration of digital sensors

Sensors with digital output instead of analog signal output have found their way into many products in the consumer goods sector and industry.

Increasingly, these sensors are also used in laboratories and in precision measurement systems, which is why they need to be calibrated in accredited calibration laboratories.

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SPEKTRA presents efficient MEMS Final Test System

In only two weeks time SPEKTRA will exhibit at the Productronica in Munich - at our joint booth with MTQ Testsolutions.

We will present a MEMS final test system that offers a solution to various requirements:

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Supply of lowest voltages

Do you need lowest voltages with high-precision at your calibration benches or for quality assurance that can not be provided by your conventional measurement systems?

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Pressure chamber calibration for microphones

Measurement microphones have so far only been calibrated with a one- or two-point calibration using a calibrator but can now be examined over the entire frequency range using the SPEKTRA SQ-4.1/4.2.

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Dynamic Shock pressure calibration at SPEKTRA

With a specially developed device for the pneumatic shock exciter SE-201 PN-LMS, SPEKTRA is breaking new ground in shock pressure calibration. Now, dynamic tests are possible that are more consistent with reality than existing static solutions.

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SPEKTRA Vibration Exciter SE-13

A French national institute is one of the first customers of the new vibration exciter and uses the SPEKTRA SE-13 for absolute calibration of heavy seismic sensors using the laser vibrometer as a reference. SPEKTRA has provided a complete CS18P VLF Primary Calibration System, which allows not only the vertical excitation with the SE-13 but also the horizontal excitation of the sensors on the APS 129 vibration exciter.

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NIST calibrates with SPEKTRA System

For calibration and analysis of accelerometers using a laser vibrometer the NIST recently acquired a SPEKTRA CS18 Primary Calibration System.  The system is able to measure motions at molecular levels up to very high frequencies of 50 kHz.

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Relaunch Website

SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden presents its new website in 2015. In addition to improving the corporate design, the structure has been completely redesigned and now shows product groups and applications clearly arranged. The visitor can see new products, activities and upcoming events at first glance.

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Metrology Congress at SPEKTRA

In early December, representatives of national metrology institutes will meet at SPEKTRA in Dresden to discuss current and future challenges in the field of vibration measurement technology.

Seminar "Calibration in Vibration Technology"

On October 8th to 09th 2014 SPEKTRA organizes a seminar for new and regular staff of calibration laboratories in the fields of vibration and shock.

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SPEKTRA at the electronica 2014

In a few weeks time the world's leading trade show for electronic components, systems and application will start.

SPEKTRA will present at its booth individual solutions for the characteriziation of MEMS sensors and MEMS final testing / adjustment systems as well as new products, like the new calibrator CV-01.

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Unusual insight into industry desired?

Every year SPEKTRA invites interested parties to gain insight into our very special industry branch.

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Precision since 20 years

Since 1994 we have been happily serving our customers.

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New High-Frequency Vibration Exciter

New sensor technologies based on micro-mechanical structures (MEMS) increasingly require mechanical tests in the frequency range beyond 20 kHz. In this high frequency range, the trick is to stimulate the DUT with well-defined oscillations without causing uncontrolled vibration and transverse movements by resonance of the exciter. The new SE-11 vibration exciter provides the ability to excite the DUT with very low lateral accelerations to the main axis of motion in the frequency range of 1 kHz - 50 kHz.

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SPEKTRA - a pioneer in audiometer calibration

In February 2014 SPEKTRA has been successfully accredited to calibrate artificial mastoids. Those mastoids are usually used in the field of audiometry. Consequently, SPEKTRA is the first calibration laboratory to recieve this accreditation in Germany and can now offer this sort of calibration.

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SPEKTRA manages ISO 9001 at first attempt

"Consistent customer orientation and optimized processes in conjunction with the high quality of our services have always been part of the self conception of SPEKTRA, "explains CEO Dr. Holger Nicklich." For 2013, we had therefore set ourselves the goal to disclose our measures for quality management."

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