NIST calibrates with SPEKTRA System

The National Institut for Standards and Technology (NIST) is the national metrology institute of the USA and therefore the highest authority for calibrations in the country. For calibration and analysis of accelerometers using a laser vibrometer the NIST recently acquired a SPEKTRA CS18 Primary Calibration System.  The system is able to measure motions at molecular levels up to very high frequencies of 50 kHz.

The tested accelerometers have applications in various fields, such as mobile phones, the automotive industry or in the analysis of large structures.

Instead of developing its own system, the NIST decided to choose a product of SPEKTRA which is already used successfully by other national metrology institutes. So far, examinations have determined that the system performance even exceeds the manufacturer’s claimed specifications.

The complete article and a video of the NIST about the SPEKTRA Calibration Vibration Exciter in action can be found here.

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