SPEKTRA Vibration Exciter SE-13

The latest vibration exciter of SPEKTRA is particularly suitable for the investigation and calibration of sensors that operate in the low frequency range - e.g. for geophysical investigations or vibration measurements on structures. Such sensors are often characterized by high weight and size. The new vibration exciter SE-13 can stimulate heavy devices with a mass of up to 50 kilograms with an excellent waveform purity. The device to be tested may have a diameter of 350 mm. For this purpose, a new air bearing was developed and a patent has been filed. It provides a frictionless guidance of the vibrating table and holds the device in a defined zero position. The requirements of ISO 16063-11 are not only met but exceeded regarding transverse vibrations and harmonic distortion - for the calibration of sensors in the frequency range of 0 Hz to 400 Hz.

A French national institute is one of the first customers of the new vibration exciter and uses the SPEKTRA SE-13 for absolute calibration of heavy seismic sensors using the laser vibrometer as a reference. SPEKTRA has provided a complete CS18P VLF Primary Calibration System, which allows not only the vertical excitation with the SE-13 but also the horizontal excitation of the sensors on the APS 129 vibration exciter.

More information to the vibration exciter SE-13 can be found here.

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