Ultra High Frequency Testing at the limit (of MEMS Sensors)

State-of-the-art sensors for applications such as mobility and automotive require special test systems for high-frequency vibration excitation. With the DRE-01 and SE-16 vibrators, SPEKTRA enters new performance areas that will be relevant to testing next-generation digital sensors.

The dynamic rotation exciter DRE-01 is mainly used for calibrating gyroscope sensors or for characterizing MEMS sensors. It convinces with excellent features, such as:
•    Frequency range: 1 Hz … 5 kHz
•    Angular velocity: 5600 dps
•    Angular acceleration (max.): 2 200 000 °/s²
Suitable for devices under test (DUT) with typical sizes of 100 mm² … 250 mm², e.g. prototype-boards with MEMS Gyroscopes (typical payload of 50 … 500 g).

The Vibration Exciter SE-16 impresses with the highest mechanical excitation frequency currently available on the market. It was specially developed for the high-frequency vibration excitation of small components and sensors both in the longitudinal and transverse direction. Due to the special design of the armature and its bearing, the test specimens can be excited almost free of any transverse motion in the frequency range from 5 kHz … 200 kHz.
•    Linear excitation up to 200 kHz
•    Payload (max.): 5 g
•    Coupling surfaces: 225 mm²  
•    Low transverse motion

Both Exciters are part of the S-TEST Lab Product line of SPEKTRA, that offers solutions for future technologies in laboratories and development environments. Measuring results of the digital sensors can be directly verified using the S-TEST system that supports all typical standard interfaces, such as SPI, I2C, CAN, PSI5 etc.
This enables developers to react flexibly to changing requirements already in early project phases and to also verify product performance parameters. That allows early adaptation and changes that in turn help manufacturers to profit from drastic cost reductions in the product life cycle. End users benefit from more reliable and resistant sensors.

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The following graphics illustrate the mass inertia for differently shaped devices under test on the DRE-01 exciter (first graph with square base, second graph with rectangularly shaped devices):


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