CS18 - The SPEKTRA Calibration System

This section provides an overview of the product group Calibration Solutions, which covers both complete CS18 calibration systems and our calibration services. Here, you will find answers to general questions about the topic "Calibrating" but also an insight into SPEKTRA specific solutions around the CS18 calibration system, the associated exciters as well as help to find the right solution for you.

Our range of measurands:


Calibration systems for amplitude-frequency response and displacement (sine) as well as comparison of peak amplitudes (shock)


  1. Devices under test: Accelerometers, Seismic Sensors, Geophones, Vibration Calibrators, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, Laser-Vibrometer, ...


Comparison Calibration by using the substitution method


  1. Devices under test:
    Sound Level Meters, Microphones, Acoustical calibrators, Pistonphone, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, ...

Electrical parameters

Comparison/Substitution Calibration for Amplitude-Frequency Response and Displacement Angle


  1. Devices under test:
    Charge Amplifier, Voltage Amplifier, IEPE-Amplifiers, Calibration Systems, Analyzers

Calibration Solutions – Catalog (PDF)

This Catalog will give you an overview of our product group Calibration Solutions and its main components CS18 Calibration Systems and Calibration Services.


SPEKTRA Calibration Solutions Catalog