Device Testing

Sensor system level testing for development and production

MEMS sensors for acceleration, magnetic field or pressure require an efficient and cost-optimized system level testing approach to verify the correct measurement values and calibration of a sensor device.

The S-TEST Lab product line from SPEKTRA represents a system level test solution for sensor lab and development environments. The compact hardware allows to verify product functionality already during early development stages and with its configurable digital interfaces S-TEST solutions provide also the flexibility to test different types of sensors with minimal extra effort. System tests that have been developed during development can be easily reused and adapted for multi-parallel end-of-line testing in mass production.

The related S-TEST Fab systems have been tailored for parallel testing of a large number of devices and allow an easy scalability while maintaining an optimized test per device cost ratio. Combined with the modular S-TEST software SPEKTRA offers test developers a framework which supports fast test adaptation and test time optimization, as well as integration with different exciter systems. In this combination S-TEST systems represent the complete solution for efficient system level testing during sensor development and production.



S-TEST Lab solutions have been tailored for system level testing in development and lab environments. The core component is the S-TEST desk system. It combines a compact design with the full test interface, that allows to react flexibly on changing requirements already in early project phases and to verify product performance parameters.

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S-TEST Fab solutions offer manufacturers a flexible platform to develop end-of-line system level tests for different types of sensors. The simple scalability of S-TEST installations allow efficient and multi-parallel testing of a large numbers of devices and a seamless integration into fab network infrastructures.

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SPEKTRA exciter systems cover a wide spectrum of physical stimuli, like translation, rotation, magnet field or pressure to enable stimulated testing and calibration of a large variety of different sensors.

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The S-TEST software gives product and test developers a flexible software framework at hand that enable fast development as well as adaptation of sensor system level tests. Exchangable core components allow quick modification of tests to support changing sensor interfaces.

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