Structural Testing

APS has been a well-known supplier of modal exciters for 45 years. In 2008 SPEKTRA and APS joined forces and together have built a new generation of even stronger exciters together - based on decades of know-how from both sides.


Do you need to ensure the structural stability and endurance of your equipment under stress? Would you like to verify your product’s properties? Do you need modal exciters for tests in your laboratory or in the field? SPEKTRA will find a solution for your individual measurement task.


  1. Modal Analysis
  2. Fatigue Tests
  3. Seismic Simulation
  4. Services
SPEKTRA Vibration Control Systems

Vibration Control Systems

The VCS by SPEKTRA is a family of vibration control systems for environmental simulation tests using vibration test systems.

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SPEKTRA Vibration Exciters

Modal Exciters

SPEKTRA develops and produces a wide varity of vibration and shock exciters, which can be used to apply defined dynamic forces to larger mechanical structures for modal analysis.

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SPEKTRA Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifier

The amplifiers have features which make them uniquely suited for studying the dynamic characteristics of structures. They may be operated in either voltage or current amplifier mode.

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SPEKTRA Accessories


For sensor calibration and other vibrational investigation, versatile accessories for mechanical and electrical adaptation are required. SPEKTRA offers a wide variety of cables and adapters.

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Modes of Operation

Modes of Operation

Various optional accessories allow different modes of operation and facilitate handling of the equipment.

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Structural Testing System Concept

System concept

We provide well-balanced sets of exciter, amplifier, controller and sensor to get optimal performance and high precision in a wide range of applications.

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Structural Testing Software


Our software is a perfect match to the National Instruments hardware. It is a LabVIEW-based software solution. So it can easily be integrated into your environment.

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SPEKTRA References


SPEKTRA is globally well-positioned. Together with our representatives, we serve a wide variety of customers worldwide with very individual requirements.

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